Home Owners

If you believe your house is more than a structure, we agree. It’s a home where you raise your children, spend your time, and make lasting memories. Whether you need renters insurance or homeowners insurance for your mobile home or permanent dwelling, we have coverage to protect your home and what you keep inside. Special property coverage is available for your treasured items like jewelry and art. Because it matters, we’ll also provide Identity Theft 911® services at no extra charge.

It's all part of our Policy of Working Together.

Homeowners Insurance

In our town, homes come in all shapes and sizes. Your home fits your family. We want your homeowners insurance policy to fit too. That’s why Home-Guard® insurance, available through your local farm or county mutual or Grinnell Mutual, is flexible. By covering what you need (property and personal liability) with additional options, your home is protected. We can insure your treasured possessions, like that diamond necklace or antique stamp collection.

If your vehicles and home or farm are damaged from the same event, you save money by paying only one deductible when you’re insured by both Grinnell Mutual® and your local FarMutual® insurance company. Identity Theft 911® protection is included with your policy at no charge. We’re here to protect your uniqueness—your home, possessions, and personal documents.

Home-Guard Insurance Coverages

  • Personal liability (bodily injury, property, and medical payment)
  • Dwelling and other structures
  • Personal property
  • Additional living expenses
Renters Insurance

Rent your home or apartment? Did you know your landlord’s insurance policy doesn’t cover your possessions or protect you from liability claims? Because dependable coverage is what you need, that’s what our renters insurance offers. Available through Grinnell Mutual or your local farm or county mutual, like us, it’s there when you need it. When the day comes to buy homeowners insurance, the insurance history you build with renters insurance may simplify the process and lower your rates. Remember to ask your agent if you qualify for discounts.

Renters Insurance Coverage

  • Liability
  • Personal property

Optional Coverages

  • Scheduled personal property
  • Replacement cost option
  • Additional coverage
  • Waterbed liability
  • Personal injury
Mobile Home Insurance

Your home fits you and your lifestyle. We think your homeowners insurance policy should fit too. That’s why our mobile home insurance policies are flexible. Available through Grinnell Mutual or your local farm or county mutual, they cover what you need (property and personal liability) along with other coverage options. We can insure your treasured possessions too, like special jewelry or antiques. We’re here to protect you, your home, and your property.

Mobile Home Insurance Coverages

  • Personal liability (bodily injury, property, and medical payment)
  • Dwelling & other structures
  • Personal property
  • Additional living expenses
Additional Coverages

Customize your homeowners protection with our additional insurance coverages.

Inland Marine
You just inherited Aunt Martha’s diamond and ruby bracelet. Or maybe your vintage poster collection has suddenly increased in value. You can protect your investment with additional protection for high-value items such as jewelry, silverware, fine arts, sporting goods, antiques, collectibles, and more.

Equipment Breakdown
As homes have changed so have the risks. Homes have been updated with sophisticated, valuable equipment. Your homeowners insurance choices need to keep pace with changing risk.

With homeowners’ equipment breakdown coverage you’ll have access to specialists who will find services for the fast repair or replacement of your critical equipment. You’ll appreciate the security, convenience, and comfort of our equipment breakdown coverage.

Equipment Breakdown Coverages

  • Furnaces, heat pumps, heaters
  • Central air conditioning
  • Ventilation systems and fans
  • Well pumps
  • Chairlifts and elevators
  • Electric power panels
  • Central vacuums
  • Pool equipment
  • Boilers and water heaters
  • Backup generators
  • Kitchen and household appliances
One Good Deal

When a disaster hits you hard, the most important thing is the safety of your family. We know your concern is a place to stay, clothes to wear, and food to eat.

When you’re insured through both Grinnell Mutual and your local FarMutual® insurance company, we’ll help you save money and get back on your feet with one deductible. So, for example, if your home, two cars and motorcycle are damaged in a storm, you pay just one deductible, not four. It’s one good deal when everything else seems overwhelming.

Are you eligible for one deductible?

  • Are your vehicles covered through Grinnell Select's Elite Driver or Grinnell Mutual®’s personal auto insurance?
  • Are your recreational vehicles insured with a Grinnell Mutual policy?
  • Is your home or farm insured by one of our member FarMutual companies?

If so, you’re eligible to save money with one deductible from a single covered event.

Waive goodbye to your deductible

At Grinnell Mutual, we believe in a Policy of Working Together. That’s why we waive your physical damage deductible if you collide with another vehicle insured by Grinnell Mutual or with a farm implement insured by a member FarMutual.

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